Pete Ferguson has empowered thousands of youth and adults over the last two decades.  Within his engagements he strives in life as Maya Angelou states, “…not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Each engagement provide participants the opportunity to secure tangible takeaways they can apply to their everyday lives.  Audiences are not just motivated but inspired long after he leaves the room.

Engagement Specialist

Relevant, topical, informative and passionate Ferguson has a unique ability to reach the hearts of diverse audiences motivating positive change and action for the common good.


Sessions/Engagements will use large group and small group activities to engage participants.

Small and large group, keynote, service organization, classroom, staff, conference presentations and/or engagements available.

Sample engagement...

(15 minutes to multi-day)

Relationship Matters 

The session will use large group and small group activities to engage participants about relationship building and school/community resources.Topics will include:

  • Benefits of Strength Based Relationships

  • How Cultural Proficiency can facilitate building relationships

  • How Assessment/Feedback can facilitate building relationships

Youth & Adult Professional Development

Pete Ferguson's professional career has involved substantial contribution to successful youth and adult leadership development, inclusion and diversity, athletic, advocacy programs, board development, and initiatives that empower one to realize and fulfill their potential.


Whether you are seeking program development, evaluation, small group work, contact Ferguson.

Sample engagements...

(15 minutes to multi-day)


Leadership / Goal Setting

This engagement focus is designed to help aspiring and accomplished leaders alike achieve their personal best and improve their effectiveness in a leadership role and the pillars that contribute to building your life’s blueprint.

It's not courageous to have the conversation

This engagement focuses participants on increasing individual self-awareness, and understanding of the impact that their own judgments and perceptions has in situations and relationships.  Interactive it will engage, and challenge participants through stories reflection and humor that are provided through the lens of cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion.

Scholar-Athlete Development

The primary goal of BHS Productions scholar-athlete involvements is to provide scholar-athletes, parents and coaches real, accurate and practical information that will increase their athletic performance.  This is done through proper fundamental teaching, elevating I.Q. of the game, and increasing their passion to not just compete but appreciation for the aspects that go into it.  The goal is support the development of scholars so they can compete at their highest potential. 


Current opportunities include basketball small group sessions; scholar & parent presentations; unique basketball practice facilitation; collaborative sport performance workshops with professional facilitators and more. 

Sample engagements...

(15 minutes to multi-day)

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